The twenty-first century marketplace varies from minute to minute, require
that we build speedy marketplace reaction mechanism. For this purpose, We
use customer's need and dealer, feedback of the retail dealer is information
source, build information feedback system, grasp market information timely but
all-round, wield modernized high technology means, promote a new and hi-tech
product unceasingly.
  Our purpose is for knowing a customer much better, press close to a customer, improve our sensitiveness to
marketplace reaction unceasingly, to improve customer degree of satisfaction.

  Enter a twenty-first century, more and more fierce competition is stimulating the smpic people to open up and be

innovative unceasingly, quality hoisting a product, expand the scale of managing, create out the enterprise value that
the world approves. Look forward to the future, the Shanghai Smpicele will make great efforts to become excellent
enterprise, be that society makes more contribution out.
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